Evee Eyewear is for the modern-day go-getter who is confident, inspired, and dedicated to making the most out of their lives. 

We craft designs with the purpose of giving driven individuals that extra boost of tenacity. More than sunglasses, we create products that help dream-chasers conquer their world.

With our experience in this industry, we noticed that people are experiencing the following problems: (1) brands that have low-quality frames that break easily and (2) overpriced sunglasses with decent quality. 

We have worked hard to become the solution to these problems. 

The founders behind Evee Eyewear have been in the industry for 30 years. Now, they’re committed to becoming a lifestyle brand that continuously gives extraordinary people high-quality eyewear that’s accessible. We believe the mixture of style and quality doesn't need to hurt their pockets. Quality need not be expensive.

With this commitment, Evee Eyewear’s design formula revolves around three things:


With our smart and versatile designs, you can mix and match your glasses to fit your mood.

With Evee Eyewear, you conquer life in style.